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The Premier Waterfront Community On The Gulf Coast

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Axis Point has developed more lots on the waterfront in Clear Lake than any other developer. TownHarbour Estates is a continuation of the Axis Point tradition of sensitive coastal waterfront development.

With a profound commitment to quality coastal development, TownHarbour is envisioned to be the preeminent waterfront community between Florida and Mexico. The immensely livable TownHarbour Estates community will have large lots (70′ x 172′ min.), a deep water Grand Canal, a mile of trails, and five parks making it an iconic, gated waterfront community. TownHarbour will anchor what is by most metrics the second or third largest residential boating communities in the United States.

See the below video: Clear Lake Marinas.:



Clear Lake and Galveston Bay are the largest salt-water oriented recreation areas in Texas and the third largest boating community in the U.S. Perfectly located within that area, TownHarbour will be adjacent to South Shore Harbour, on the preferred side of Clear Lake with convenient commercial amenities and just a few minutes drive from the Kemah waterfront entertainment and boating center. The area is also roughly equidistant to both the Galveston recreation/employment market and the Houston CBD and Medical Center.


With the exception of the TownHarbour site, the Clear Lake waterfront has been fully developed for single family residential use. TownHarbour will be the last major waterfront community to be built on Clear Lake; there are literally no other sites available for development.

Last developable waterfront on Clear Lake.Last Remaining Waterfront Land for Development (landscape)


All 60 watefront homes will be 2′ above the flood plain, conventional slab on grade. Each home will be on a single-loaded new 28′ or 32′ concrete street with no backyard neighbors. As the lots will be filled to 15.25′ above MSL, they will provide excellent storm protection for the homes and the Grand Canal.

Additionally, 15 off-water homes will be built just outside the gates on land filled to allow the homes to be 2′ above the flood plain. These TownHarbour homes will povide an enhanced, attractive introduction to the 60 gated waterfront homes.  They will be located on Lakeside Dr. which we will rebuild as a 32′ to 36′ wide concrete curb and gutter street.

See the video below: “A Perfectly Designed Community For Deep Water Mariners”



TownHarbour Estates will be the premium waterfront community for sailing and power boats on the Gulf Coast between Florida and Mexico.

LARGE LOTS / WIDE CANAL: With 60 waterfront lots, each with a minimum 172’ depth and 70’ of private bulkhead waterfront, the 140′ wide Grand Canal will be double the width of typical canal home developments and without the noise and distractions of large marinas.

The TownHarbour Grand Canal is flawlessly designed for yachtsmen, perfect in every way and completely unique among waterfront boating communities.

Detailed Development Description (landscape)



FLAWED STRATEGY FOR CUSTOM BUILDERS: Both the Canal Home and Marina Home communities on Clear Lake were designed and planned (with the exception of Lake Cove) exclusively for “high-end” custom home builders. By their nature, top custom home builders have limited production capability and supply a much higher priced product than larger quality production home builders. The tendency by custom home builders to build an unnecessarily
over-priced product seriously negatively impacting absorption rates. Further, the large, high priced custom homes were a “mismatch” for their canals designed only for small powerboats and not for the more desired sailboats or mid-size (and larger) cruiser-trawlers, or boats with fishing towers. To this point, attesting to demand, production builders Hovanian and Gehan recently marketed homes at a more competitive price point and were successful, notwithstanding their seriously flawed canal designs.

FLAWED CANAL DESIGNS: All existing canal waterfront communities suffer from design flaws such as shallow water and narrow widths or obstructions such as overhead power lines or low bridges. Some have large easements seriously restricting access to the waterfront.  These all negatively impact navigation and the desirability of the home sites which clearly reduces demand and absorption rates

View the below video:  “Clear Lake Canal and Marina Home Communities”

Market Study (landscape)

Market Study Exhibits -MLS (landscape)

More about Existing Canal Home Communities (landscape)


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Comparable Waterfront Communities on Clear Lake



Unlike other existing waterfront communities, which all suffer from serious design flaws, the advantages for large lot homeowners on the TownHarbour Grand Canal are:

  • unusually wide fairways in a 140’ wide canal provide large boat navigation and expansive vistas
  • every waterfront home has direct water access for convenient backyard boating
  • no expensive long piers to reach deep water are required to be built or maintained
  • no bridge, power lines or easement issues are hindrances to navigation
  • the Grand Canal is not subject to the perils of large open water heavy wave action
  • ample room behind each home for a boathouse and multiple boats


TownHarbour Estates Deep Water Canal

Metro Houston’s Clear Lake is the 3rd largest boating community in the U.S., with the 2nd largest number of marina slips in the U.S.

The marinas are filled with sailboats and larger powerboats, while canal home developments exclusively have small to midsize powerboats. Why? Because the canals are too shallow, too narrow, to remote and/or have bridge or power line obstructions prohibiting sailboats and large powerboats.

Unlike every other canal home development, TownHarbour will have a marina canal width of 140’ with a 70’ wide backyard boat slip for every waterfront home.


Marinas on Clear Lake, Houston, Tx

TownHarbour is being built on Metro Houston’s Clear Lake, 45 minutes south of the CBD.

Clear Lake has more major marinas than any other city in the United States. It also has the 2nd largest number of marina slips in the United States and is the 3rd largest yachting community.

8 MAJOR MARINAS: South Shore Harbour, Marina del Sol, Waterford Harbour, Watergate Yachting Center, Portofino, Lafayette Landing, Blue Dolphin Marine and Lakewood Yacht Club.


Canal and Marina Homes on Clear Lake

Clear Lake waterfront living includes 5 large CANAL HOME and 3 large MARINA HOME developments. All five canal home communities have design flaws for mariners. They are either too shallow, too narrow, too far from Galveston Bay or have obstructions such as bridges or power lines.

TownHarbour is perfectly designed for Deep Water Mariners with a 140′ width marina canal, deep water sheltered from storms and no obstructions to navigation.

CANAL HOME COMMUNITIES: Cypress Bay, Peninsula, Seabrook Island, Casa Marina Port and Lake Cove

MARINA HOMES: Waterford Harbour, South Shore Harbour and Marina del Sol




  • Grand Canal: TownHarbour will feature a 2,150′ long and 140′ wide Grand Canal, twice the width of typical canal home developments. Homes facing Clear Lake and on the Grand Canal will have 70′ or larger private bulkhead space for their power boats, sailboats and boat houses, providing true waterfront living.
  • 6 Clear Lake View Lots:  These premium lots with a north west Clear Lake view will be 71′ wide and from 191′ to 288′ deep with room for large one story homes, if desired, and abundant backyard living area. These lots will have canal side private docking for large boats up to 55′ plus guest slips for the neighborhood as well as place for a Clear Lake side pier with 8′ water.
  • 54 Canal Lots: These lots will be 172.5’ deep and 70’ wide. The large lot depth allows more gentle slopes to the water than is common.  These lots will have 70′ of private bulkhead and will accommodate a typical 36′ boat house (with lifts) and sail boat slips properly configured up to 55′.  The slip area will be a generous 30′ x 55′. This is “backyard boating” at its finest.
  • 15 Off Water Lots: These lots will typically be 60′ wide and average approximately 135′ deep.  They will front on Lakeside Drive which will be improved as concrete curb and gutter, widened to 32 feet , and lined with tall hardwood and palm trees for a grand entrance into the gated community.
  • Central Park On The Water: The Central Park will be located on the south end of the Grand Canal. It will have a rock lined stream and waterfall, a gazebo overlooking the canal, decks with an outdoor kitchen, and a small boat dinghy-house and launching area.
  • Pocket Parks On The Water:  The Sunset Parks will have Clear Lake viewing decks and walkways along the Grand Canal, perfect for a little quiet conversation and reflection. Two piers with arbors will extend into Clear Lake.
  • Off Water Parks: Along The Trails, static and kinetic fitness stations will be located. The Urban Gardens and Birding Parks will be set inside the waterfront area in the southeast part of the development.  A special open space community park called The Commons at the entrance on Lakeside Drive, will offer a large gathering area for the entire community.
  • Colored Concrete Walking Trails:  The Central Park, pocket parks, and all homes inside the gates, and parks along Lakeside Drive will be connected by walking trails. More than one mile of trails will connect to Marina Bay Drive.


Land Video

Aerial View of TownHarbour Site.

TownHarbour is located beside South Shore Harbour fronting on Clear Lake. It’s location on the preferred south shore is adjacent to new commercial amenities being developed.




Waterfront Living at TownHarbour for PUD application to City of League City

Development Summary for PUD application to City of League City

Site Plan

Preliminary Platt (Coming Soon)

Survey and Topo

Canal Design for USACE (print portrait)

Utility Plan

Parks Plan





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