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A point of view?  We all have one!


quote openThis is our point of view. The axis of all thinking from which development success springs is the thought that “superior planning and quality construction execution must be fully and specifically connected to the direct needs of quote closethe end user.”
It is about the customer.
The answer is, determine their desires, needs, and expectations, and then work backwards from there. The issue is to understand the myriad questions that must be correctly answered to find a way to economically satisfy the customer. Not simple, but crucial to development success.

In 2008, we had a different point of view from our contemporaries. We determined that notwithstanding the eminent recession and housing crisis, timing was, in our view, correct to start very high quality private gated, large lot communities. With our lean forward, straight ahead attitude, we responded to that view by producing two quality developments in northwest Houston. And, we have done so at a time when others would not or could not. Why are we developing when our contemporaries are still on the sidelines? At the risk of over simplifying, we are at a time when demand by builders for quality lots is down 50% and new supply of quality lots is down 95% and that is a guarantee of a favorable supply/demand imbalance.

Based on our current sells, our view of timing and quality product was correct.

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