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Investment Builders and Developers


Axis Point develops properties of its own partnerships as well as on a contract basis for third party investors.

Either way, development is a matter of extreme, indefatigable commitment to problem solving  … all planned to deliver a development product that provides the expected investment results and to be responsive to the central, most critical requirement, build what the customer wants.

As an old friend use to say, “Sell em’ what the want to buy.”


All tracks of land and developments are a riddle tied up in a conundrum and wrapped in a brainteaser.  Did I mention enigma?


Developing real estate of any kind is about problem solving.  All of the questions must be methodically and meticulously answered.  Beyond location, product type and demand are a myriad of issues to be understood, resolved, and managed in an orderly and thoughtful manner.  Availability of utilities, drainage, flood plain, environmental concerns, wetlands, endangered species, archeology studies, traffic impact, and endless problems with the county and municipality are just a start.

A thousand homes, apartment buildings, offices, land developments, and transactions, and we do have a feel for the development problem solving process.



Then we bring together the right team for the job.  While frequently the infrastructural is bid to qualified contracts, organizing top team members is everything.  These players include the surveyors, civil engineers, and land planners such as Mike Mauer and Karen Rogers of M2L Associates, and the all important amenity contractors who complete the aesthetic promise of the design.   Recently, we have used a combination Bill Sharett  of Hardscape, Inc to build the entry structures and impliment the landscape plan.  The lakes, lake edges, amphitheaters, drainage systems, and retaining walls have been built by Sloan Scott with GoodAll Construction Serves.

Development Problem Solving for Axis is accomplished by breaking down the process into the three phases you see below.  Ironically, site selection, product definition, and feasibility are among the most critical problems which fall into the “must get right” category.

Below are photos from recent work by GoodAll Construction service working with Axis to complete exceptional amenities at recent developments.  Note that we built a 3,600 ft. long limestone retaining wall up to 8 feet tall.

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