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The Premier Waterfront Community On The Gulf Coast

for Deep Water Mariners

TownHarbour Arial View 2020


TownHarbour Estates is being developed by Joe Watson of Axis Point Developers.  Axis has developed more lots on the waterfront in Clear Lake than any other developer. TownHarbour is a continuation of Joe Watson’s tradition of environmentally sensitive coastal waterfront communities.

With a profound commitment to quality coastal development, TownHarbour is envisioned to be the preeminent marina and canal waterfront community between Florida and Mexico. The immensely livable TownHarbour Estates community will have Town Marina an 8′ deep private marina for boats up to 55′ (and a few up to 65′ or larger) and the 8′ deep 1,950′ x 100′ spacious Grand Canal for mariners of all classes. The importance of the eight foot depth of water in the canal and marina cannot be overstated. 

The Estate Lots will be 220′ deep and overlook the barrier-protected Town Marina with an expansive, full view of Clear Lake.  Each home docking area can accommodate up to two 55′ yachts, if one is so inclined.

Homes on the Grand Canal will be on large 145′ deep lots and accommodate boats up to 45′.  The 43 off-water Marina Lots will have full access to Town Marina for boating of all kinds. In addition to Town Marina and Grand Canal, TownHarbour will have five parks making it an iconic, gated waterfront community.

TownHarbour is located in Houston metro’s most important waterfront area which is, by most metrics, the second or third largest residential boating community in the United States.

See the below video: Clear Lake Marinas.:



Urban, suburban, and located on the serene waters of Clear Lake.  Equidistant between metropolitan life in Houston and “too-much-fun Galveston.”  TownHarbour Estates will have it all.  Shopping at your door front.  Your boat at your backdoor.  Step off your backyard pier onto your kayak, dinghy, “go-fast boat” or large sailing yacht for adventure all the way to the Texas Gulf Coast and beyond.  Or just chill in the sun.  

Clear Lake and Galveston Bay are the largest salt-water-oriented recreation areas in Texas and among the most significant boating community in the Americas. Perfectly located within that area, TownHarbour will be adjacent to South Shore Harbour, on the preferred side of Clear Lake with convenient commercial amenities and just a few minutes drive from the Kemah waterfront entertainment and boating center. The area is also roughly mid-way to both the Galveston recreation/employment market and the Houston CBD and Medical Center.


TownHarbour Site Plan With Marinas


TownHarbour will be the last major waterfront community to be built on Clear Lake. This is the last opportunity for those who love living on the water to enjoy a new, gated, premier waterfront community and where they can build their dream home. With the exception of the TownHarbour site, the Clear Lake waterfront has been fully developed for single-family residential use.



All 61 waterfront homes will be safely 2′ above the flood plain. First-floor living will be 15′ or 16′ above sea level and unlike most coastal homes, will not require being elevated on piers.  The combined height of the land which will be raised to 15.25′ above water level and the homes which are typically 35′ tall, will make TownHarbour a desired “hurricane-hole” and a safe harbor for your beloved vessel. Friends will come calling when the winds start howling.  Each home will be on new 28′  concrete streets.  No waterfront home will have a backyard neighbor. 

ESTATE HOMES: Eight Clear Lake View Estate lots on Town Marina will be fully protected with a bulkhead reinforced with a 5′ natural ground barrier and yet, the expansive vista of Clear Lake will be preserved.  This virtually unique plan allows both a premium, extraordinarily grand view and the ability to have large, ocean going vessels in the fully protected water behind your home.  A premium view and protected water does not exist elsewhere on the Texas Gulf Coast and beyond including both Lousiana and the east coast of Mexico! 

CANAL HOMES: Set back from open waters, the 54 homes on the wide Grand Canal will have ultimate safety and convenience.

MARINA HOMES: Additionally, 31 off-water Marina Homes will be built inside the gated community with full access to the marinas for their boats up to 55′ in length.  At the entrance on Lakeside Drive, 12 off-water Marina Homes will be built just outside the gates on land filled to allow the homes to be 2′ above the flood plain. These Marina Homes will provide an enhanced, attractive introduction to the 92 gated homes.  They will be located on Lakeside Drive which we will be rebuilt as a 32′ to 36′ wide concrete curb and gutter street.


TownHarbour Marina Plan




CLEAR LAKE VIEW ESTATE HOMES: TownHarbour Estates will be the premium waterfront community for sailing and powerboats on the Gulf Coast between Florida and Mexico.  Designed for blue water mariners, it will have a full 8′ of water depth. Town Marina and Grand Canal are flawlessly designed for yachtsmen from casual cruisers to ocean explorers.


Why unique? Unlike any waterfront lots in Texas and beyond, the eight large Clear Lake View Estate lots will have both an expansive, broad vista and protected water behind an exceptionally strong breakwater to allow yachts up to 55′ at their backyards. In every other premium-view waterfront lot, wave action prohibits large vessels behind the house. Even small craft hanging in boat houses on piers far out into the water must be removed in storms. Look around Clear Lake and try to find a premium-view lot with a protected backyard boat slip. There are none from Louisiana to Texas and down the Mexican coast to Cancun.

Located on the Town Marina, these 220′ deep large lots are perfect for grand estate homes and all that encompasses.  Room for pools, gardens, multi-car drive-through garages, and two 55′ yachts,  if one so desires.  And yes, the marina will handle a major motor yacht over 65′, just in case.  In TownHarbour Estates, dreams can come true.

HOMES ON THE GRAND CANAL:  The Grand Canal will be 100′ wide, 1,950 long and 8′ deep. Canal homes will be on 60′ and 70′ lots which are 145′ deep. Each home will have a private backyard bulkhead and generous docking area of either 50′ or 60′ wide by 35′ deep for all the floating toys. Protected from wave and wind action, those living on the canal can travel far and not worry about their favorite boat back home. 

MARINA HOMES: There will be 45 Marina Homes off-water which will fully participate in waterfront living. They will be able to enjoy all of the amenities and dock their boats in Town Marina, stroll the trails and tell the tales.



Unlike other existing waterfront communities, which all suffer from serious design flaws, the advantages for large lot homeowners on the TownHarbour Grand Canal are:

  • TownHarbour homes will all be built 2′ above the new higher flood plain and not require the inconvenience of being elevated on stilts.
  • Town Marina has 8′ of water depth, allows boats up to 65′ and has a strong 5′ earth reinforced protective bulkhead.
  • unusually wide fairways in a 100’ wide canal provide large boat navigation and expansive vistas
  • every waterfront home has direct water access for convenient backyard boating
  • no expensive long piers to reach deep water are required to be built or maintained
  • no bridge, power lines or easement issues are hindrances to navigation
  • the Grand Canal is not subject to the perils of large open water heavy wave action
  • ample room behind each home for a boathouse and multiple boats
  • Parks, green spaces and common areas:
    • Central Park on the water will be located on the south end of the Grand Canal. It will have a rock-lined stream and waterfall, a gazebo overlooking the canal,  and viewing decks.
    • Clear Lake Marina Park will be an arbor covered deck on the marina breakwater, a place of morning coffee and evening “wine down.”
    • Seaway Park and Harbour Way Parks both lead to breakwater green spaces on Clear Lake, the most perfect view.
    • The Commons On Lakeside is a special open space community park called The Commons at the entrance on Lakeside Drive, will offer a large gathering area for the entire community. It will be forested oak trees and butterfly plants.


TownHarbour Estates Deep Water Canal

Metro Houston’s Clear Lake is the 3rd largest boating community in the U.S., with the 2nd largest number of marina slips in the U.S.

The marinas are filled with sailboats and larger powerboats, while canal home developments exclusively have small to midsize powerboats. Why? Because the canals are too shallow, too narrow, to remote and/or have bridge or power line obstructions prohibiting sailboats and large powerboats.

Unlike every other canal home development, TownHarbour will have a private deep water marina called Town Marina and the 100′ wide Grand Canal with backyard boat slips for every waterfront home.


Marinas on Clear Lake, Houston, Tx

TownHarbour is being built on Metro Houston’s Clear Lake, 45 minutes south of the CBD.

Clear Lake has more major marinas than any other city in the United States. It also has the 2nd largest number of marina slips in the United States and is the 3rd largest yachting community.

8 MAJOR MARINAS: South Shore Harbour, Marina del Sol, Waterford Harbour, Watergate Yachting Center, Portofino, Lafayette Landing, Blue Dolphin Marine and Lakewood Yacht Club.


Canal and Marina Homes on Clear Lake

Clear Lake waterfront living includes 5 large CANAL HOME and 3 large MARINA HOME developments. All five canal home communities have design flaws for mariners. They are either too shallow, too narrow, too far from Galveston Bay or have obstructions such as bridges or power lines.

TownHarbour is perfectly designed for Deep Water Mariners with a 100′ wide canal, a private marina sheltered from storms and no obstructions to navigation.

CANAL HOME COMMUNITIES: Cypress Bay, Peninsula, Seabrook Island, Casa Marina Port and Lake Cove

MARINA HOMES: Waterford Harbour, South Shore Harbour and Marina del Sol



Land Video

Aerial View of TownHarbour Site.

TownHarbour is located beside South Shore Harbour fronting on Clear Lake. It’s location on the preferred south shore is adjacent to new commercial amenities being developed.




Site Plan

Survey and Topo

Aerial Image

Area Map


TownHarbour Aerial with Plan

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